In 1984, two years after comedian John Belushi was found dead in a Los Angeles hotel from a fatal mashup of heroin and cocaine, journalist Bob Woodward wrote Wired, a book that painted Belushi as a talented, obsessively driven wild man whose lethal excesses more or less inevitably caught up with him.

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Belushi’s widow, Judy Jacklin Belushi Pisano, always considered Woodward’s book sensationalistic and unfair, perhaps in part because she was portrayed as, in many ways, an enabler.

Now, 38 years later, Judy has offered her countermove: a new documentary simply titled Belushi, directed by the sympathetic R.J. Cutler and premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. …


David Hinckley

David Hinckley wrote for the New York Daily News for 35 years. Now he drives his wife crazy by randomly quoting Bob Dylan and “Casablanca.”

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